WAPI Build

Shelby Solomon


Reflection 2

Since I am not able to attend the Saturdays of Service, I participated in the WAPI build, sponsored by the Rotaract Club on campus. I had no idea what WAPI was, or even what the Rotaract group was, so I came into this event with an open mind. The numerous people at the build were divided into two conveyor lines, through which we passed wax, tubes, and washers in order to make floatation temperature devices for people in third world countries. With these devices, families would be able to tell if their water was boiled to the correct temperature to kill off diseases; they would also know when to stop boiling their water since at a particular temperature the wax inside would melt, thereby saving the families’ time and energy.

In the process of being split up into conveyors, my friend and I were separated, forcing me to be in a line with no one I knew, which is a very nerve wracking experience for someone who is shy. However, I was able to work in a group with people I had never met before and actually had fun. We, or at least the people who were working on the beginning of the conveyor line, melted tubing with blow torches, put wax and washers in them, and passed them down the line. Chatting with people I had never met before while playing with fire, all for a great, whole-hearted cause, was one of the best memories I’ve had at Saint Mary’s thus far.

After the work, if it can be considered that, was done, I talked to Bianca about the Rotaract club and became a member. I loved this event and want to do many more! Since I am vice president of the Psychology Club, I wouldn’t mind getting members together to do an event like this that benefitted the mentally incapable or sufferers of dementia with the Rotaract club. I look forward to many more Rotaract projects in the future.


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